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E – Campaign for political parties


"Victory with Technology….e-Campaigns for electoral candidates - we offer our candidates e-Campaign tools and services which are of the competitive advantage. Over the past 5 years, the utilization of technology has changed the way business has been staged, campaigning should be no different.

Objective of the campaign

  • To create a virtual presence of the candidate
  • To create maximum awareness among the voters of the constituency
  • To be accessible for young voters especially among the age groups from 18 – 45 years
  • To get real time comments and suggestions from the internet users of the constituency
  • To get connected to real time audience with daily interaction and feedback even after the elections
  • To get a detailed analysis to the voters expectation and inclinations towards the political parties and candidates.





Advantages of branding on social media

More people are using Social Media as a major channel to do self-branding because reputation is all about word-of-mouth, and social media can generate the positive “word of mouse” if it’s done right. If you’ve ever considered managing your own online reputation through social media, here’s 15 advantages compiled.
Social Media allows you to embrace your passion and express your identity to a wide audience all around the world.

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